Solar Charger Controller


Phocos CIS-N-MPPT solar charge controller for lighting and solar power system.

Product Description

Off-grid PV systems exposed to extreme weather/environmental conditions impose an increased risk of damage to the power electronics. Phocos CIS-N-MPPT charge controller family is 100% sealed to prevent corrosion and extreme weather conditions.​

The CIS-N-MPPT series include convenient and advanced lighting control, which allows the user to decide whether they want the automatic lighting control with LED dimming to be either time or low-voltage activated.


Solar Lighting

Marine and Boating

Resedential Solar

Cavaran and Mobile Home


Traffic and Signal


Small Solar System

Product Datasheets

CIS-N-MPPT Solar Charge Controller Datasheet.

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Operation Manuals

Download the CIS-N-MPPT Solar Charge Controller Manual.

  • CIS-N-MPPT-85/15A User Manual
  • CIS-N-MPPT-100/30A User Manual
  • Quick Guide

Accessories & Related Parts

DC12/24V/36V/48V LED driver

Suitable for high power LED lighting fixtures for off-grid solar-powered systems.

DC12V Input 110 Degree Motion Sensor

RAB STL12LV motion detector is suitable for controlling low voltage solar lighting systems.

Phocos remote control unit CIS-CU

Portable infrared remote control device for programming use.

MXI-USB Phocos Remote Controller

Phocos USB programming unit MXI-IR

Infrared to USB programming accessory and interface to CISCOM software.